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Greetings I am TBCAnimations on Youtube,…
I do all of my art right now with a mouse as my Tablet has broken.
I have learned their is nothing I can't do with a tablet pen I can do with a mouse.
Age: 23
Birthday June 16


Zayfire concepts by DEAFHPN
Zayfire concepts
some old concepts I found I have millions of these on my old file it'll take eons to go through them all but these stood out ;d <3 
Bolder Bash PSD Lines by DEAFHPN
Bolder Bash PSD Lines
I :heart: Love these guys :D other lines… I made these but saw some mistakes and fixed things ;d basically the same time Metasactreon did and I fixed some things up these guys are super fun to draw ;d 

Siz3: Think Giant Serpent they can range in size by a lot 
Species Refs ~…
For ZayFireAdopts they are about the size of a large snake, but shorter.

Colors: Earthly, usually the colors of the rock of where they were born with some other earthly colors. Ranging from sand white, to golden, to black, to red, to tan, and then to brown, the Boulder Bash can have stripes or spots as long as they blend in to some sort of rock. 


Stats ~
Hp: 100
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Speed: 10
Wisdome: 10
Luck: 10

Abilities ~

"Tunnel"  Every boulder bash can go in and out of dirt like a sea serpent to the sea, until their wings grow too big.

"Lava Spit"  The user spits lava at its opponent.  Eat rocks to convert to lava.  Damage - 10-15 
Damage increases as stats increase. Once all stats are 20+ the damage is 20-25. At 30+ the damage is 30-55 damage

"Tail Bash"  The user bashes something with its tail.  Hard to hit moving target.  If the opponent's speed is higher it has a higher chance of missing!  Damage - 10-15
Damage increases as stats increase. Once all stats are 20+ the damage is 20-25. At 30+ the damage is 30-60 damage

"Bite"  The user bites its opponent.  Damage - 10-15.  It does more damage if it is a direct hit.  20-25 damage if the opponent's defense is lower then bolder bash's attack.

"Low Light Vision" Boulder Bashes see best in low light conditions.  During day time they see in less detail and can get headaches if they try to focus their eyes too much.
Quest Prize PSD Lines by DEAFHPN
Quest Prize PSD Lines
Quest Prize PSD
There were only 2 released ;d <3 

This strange winged beast, has a dragon like tail and towers over most, he can be used as a Rider and Partner, once bounded they are soul bounded, for life. Also note you can only soul bound with one speicies, it works the same way dragons do


Stats: (These will match their rider, say their riders are 20,33,14,12,23 theirs would become the same once soul bound even if they use to be higher)  They can be used as a regular adopt.

Life Points:100

Fame: 0/100
Hero:0 /100
Villain: 0/100


"Roar," Lets out a terrifying roar that dose random damage by knocking away his enemies or hers.

"Tail crunch," tail can be used like an arm to squease or to pick up things depends on how you use it can do damage. 

"Flash," lets out a blinding flash from his mane that can cause temporarily blindness in the enemy can only be used once.

"Claw." claws with vicious claws. Dose random damage.
Tembonia Female PSD Lines by DEAFHPN
Tembonia Female PSD Lines
Tembonia Female PSD Lines

found the old lines ;d <3 


"Wind blast," Lets out a blast of wind from tail that is formed by the fluttering of high moving limbs.

"Roar of Tembonia," a roar of power blast of wind can only be used by a Tembonia and hybrids. 

"Slash," slash with sharp talons dose random damage. 

"Sonar Locator," they can find heat signals a lot easier, this can be used to hunt down enemies. 

-These Tembonia are known to eat bugs nuts and berries but their fave foods are months and beetles, they can sense their heat engery with their sonar. 

:iconzayfireadopts: this speicies can only be made by DEAFHPN and those who asked for permission.
Creatures PSD Lines by DEAFHPN
Creatures PSD Lines
Forgot what this was for but it was probably zayfireadopts but we got enough snake people so mehhh but still cool ;d <3 


Palandor Traditions:

Pup Ceremony- When pups are born they are not named instead they are painted with blue, red, or gold, and kept warm. Mostly because pups aren't named until they reach a healthy weight. Mostly because they die so young in Palandor do to the harsh life.

First Food Ceremony- First food may be Goat meat, fish, or grass, and special twigs, and bark depending on diet. They are feed their fist meat depending on how they grow.

Naming Ceremony- Once they have reached 6 months of age, they are given a name. And have a party in their honour. They also are expected to remember those they lost by paying homage to their grave sight.

Each family and tribe is expected to have a place where they can honour their dead.

Named After:

Famos Heroes:

Hyros, Kyros, Krilgar Velgar Vastos Fetus Variga, Leara, Mariol, Seligar, Riftgar, Kargar, Raynar, Riftar, Fell, Laria, Marigold, and Starelgar, Winter, Frostbite

Bugs and insects, plant life, snow, ice, water, nature, dead family members that reached mature age

Booking Ceremony- Once they have reached six months of age they are added to a book kept in the vaults of the Kingdom. Once they are depended fit enough they may go to Isis castle to have themselves documented on species and what not.

Book is called- Book of Nevmore- it is as old as Palandor itself.

Job Ceremony- Their job will be chosen by the appointed (Vex) Meaning their entire future depends on what he sees them add.

Here are the Ranks:

Knight- They serve the Kingdom and protect the people, they also are in service to who ever took over the Kingdom

Knights are taken from a young age and trained at the barracks by other Senior knights, they are trained for Loyalty, strength, Kindness, and compassion. However they are taught about the cruelties of the world and how everything works.

Royal Knights- They serve the queen and not the Kingdom itself they protect the royal blood line, but if on rare occasions they may offer their services to the Kingdom. They obey the queen without question, but also try to push the ceremonies that guide Palandor. Their blood line can be traced to the original Knights.

Guard- Guards protect the city and the individual Tribes outside of the castle. They do not engage in war fighting. Their job is to rebuild walls and to help injured or the weak to a safe location.

Sela Ceremony- On this day their dead ancestors are said to return to the world this is held during spring. They come back to see the new children, their great, great great...extra grand children and to see how their people are doing.

The Sela Ceremony lasts for one week and the partying goes on for months. This Ceremony is held no matter what.

They are expected to host a party, making food, fish, and to give homage to their ancestors. Their are also wishes left on special cards. They like to decorate squashes with colours and pastes of an ancestor that they have lost.

Usually frequent ones to make their passing simple.

Shammed Ancestors- a Shame Ancestor /Vengeful spirit- are often prevented from entering their house by adding their name on a summoning tag. Their squashes are usually painted black with the symbol for warding off evil.

Superstitions- They believe that seeing a Gillgin half black and half white with burning eyes is a bad symbol that they will be haunted by an evil ghost. Who wants to cut out their eyes, because of this spell tags are given out during the year.

If you do not honour your ancestors properly they are known to stick around and pull pranks on the offending youngsters/ elder. And may scream in your ears at the middle of the night, or dip your paw in an icy cold bucket of water.

Or you really just have a young prankster running about.

Marriage Ceremony- The Marriage Ceremony are usually held in spring and the parties can go on for one week and the longest has been a month. Their is food, celebration, however it was drastically shortened because of the constant ice and snow.

Usually the bride and groom are given an item and Swan Feathers from the same swan, each year they are expected to add to it. These Feathers become frozen like ice. These feathers use to be dragon Feathers but Ice dragons are rare now and days.

Remember in Palandor culture being married is for life, unless they betray you, or cheat on you. Cheating is very serious in Palandor culture.

If caught cheating they will loose their ranks and titles, and be dishonoured.

Coming of Age Ceremony: The Ceremony of Isla- This ceremony is when the pup or the parents believe the teenager is capable of surviving on their own. Of course their are guards stationed outside of the area watching them encase they run into trouble.

-They are given minimal survival gear and are expected to survive and defeat a monster for the duration of one week.

-They are expected to survive on their own with no help from anyone

-They will be tested by the element or the sky

-Once they are finished their coming of age Ceremony they can be given a second name or title. For example if they learn an original attack only they know. They are usually named after such said attack, by their peers or Senior Guard.

Tribes- Their are many tribes existing within or outside of Palandor rule most have given their support to the Queen before the country was taken over by Secret. It is unknown rather or not the wondering usualy Nomadic tribes will give the Keeper their support. Usually one or two members sometimes more will be apart of the council.

The Council of The Wings of Freedom- Freedom Wings, or somethings known as FW is lead by the queen and representatives from all parties and groups. If the Queen is unable to command, sick, child birth, extra they take charge.

The council members include those dedicated to Palandor laws, and their duties are to make sure their traditions are up held. And to protect the citizens, they share, trade, and barter with one another. Recently outsiders have been accept into Palandor.

Never before by this magnitude this has happened. So many Palandorians may find this stressing.

Dishonoured Ceremony-

They are removed from the book of Nevmore, their realities are expected to join in with the flagging. They will be booed, named called and will have rotten vegetables, maybe even rocks thrown out of them.

They can be chased out of town/city. Once removed from the book no one has ever been added back into it.

Once removed you are no longer considered a Palandor, you are dead to your realities and families. Your spirit isn't going to be able to pass on.

You will be hounded by your ancestors until you are driven mad. To be dishonourable you must have done something terribly bad.

Everything that belonged to the banned/ Dishonoured is burned, and every memory is cleansed from the house. If no one is left to claim the house the entire house is burned. And you are littlery stomped into dust, so their is no memory of you.

Other variations- You may be tied by a post and stabbed for each wrong you committed, kill, rape (Completely censored if every happen, probably not) Think Criminal minds, murder, and other horrible things.

  • Tried to kill the queen

  • Murder

  • Tried to do unspeakable things

  • Torment someone

  • Cheat on a spouse

  • Betray Palandor

Mourning Ceremony- The mourning ceremony can last for days or years depending on who died and how. The Mourning Ceremony may include:

-Self harm- cutting off toes, and singing mournfully going off into the middle of no where and crying. Disappearing and wondering around for long periods of time. Usually when a Palandorian looses a mate they can be wondering around like a ghost.

All these are acceptable practices. No one is allowed to intervene when this happens, no matter how hard it is to watch.

Screaming and calling the spirits names is acceptable when you've lost someone, but it's not during regular living practices.

Making sacrifices, through goats, it is not alright to sacrifice your children or someone else. Smearing the blood in a circle into an effort of talking with the passed on spirit. In hope that they will show up for days they may sit their.

Fasting- Refusing to eat, is common, and fasting for weeks and drinking nothing but water.

Walking around in silver, and honouring the dead by wearing their colours, or painting pictures or sculptures of them is acceptable as well.

During this time if a Mother has done this while loosing a pup that pup may be taken care of our discarded.

May include meditation for days and sitting in trees, disappearing and solitude is quite common.

Honour Challenges- Honour challenges meaning someone has insulted your honour, character and you declare combat. These do not have to be fought to death but sometimes end in death, however once the victor wins he is considered either cleared, or dishonoured because the victor is clearly the truth speaker.

The one who wins will be given a party while the other will be shunned and ignored for days. His titles will be stripped and he will have to start all over again with the children.

Mate Challenges- May challenge a rival for the affections of a lady however in the end it is the females choice to who she wants to be with. These battles can last for days or for months depending on who the affection is for.

If a female dose not have a current mate they may win the heart or affections of a knight or merchant. They must be able to provide a home and shelter for the female, and they must have completed a one year service for the queen.

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