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Greetings I am TBCAnimations on Youtube,…
I do all of my art right now with a mouse as my Tablet has broken.
I have learned their is nothing I can't do with a tablet pen I can do with a mouse.
Age: 23
Birthday June 16
CHaracter DESIGNS:
For Fire Starter:
Sorted all old adoptables!
DONE TOOK ABOUT AN HOUR o.O gosh Im a horder....x3...flees

(6/10) Four more

Info For Time Event: 0-0 not started...Theirs a lot of infoooooooo

Carnivore Map: 
Not started...


A dangerous Heist by DEAFHPN
A dangerous Heist

EDIT- just realized I forgot to color in the earrings added x3

"What do you think your doing thief," her crimson eyes glared at him with no surprise their her usual anger. Bitterness grew in the timestress eye's, she stared at him with agitation her claws glistening as she slashed at him.

He made no move not even when her sharpened but familiar claws grazed his skin. Now was his chance he moved in close capturing her lips as if he'd done this many times before. Sure they'd kissed once before but that's when she knew him. He wouldn't blame the dragoness if she tore his head off. Instead all such thoughts faded away as their lips met, Mana form lips are pretty intense in comparison to Meriels smallish form. The two of them met and he could feel her arm weakening. 

She couldn't complain after all she'd been the one to see the future of their children, if she's going to be his wife he might as well make her remember him right? some how way or the other she had to remember. He needs her and he dose not want to loose her....

"How dangerous," she brought her clawed finger to her lips staring at him her eyes still surprised her lips slightly swollen, "fool," a glint of anger burned in her eyes as she bared her sharpened teeth at him . "This will not make me spare you," 

The ship is real, this is how I thought their realtionship would be when I first pondered the idea haha ;d him being his bad villain self rolf, thought I want a way to make this canon hehe. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333  Yeah I don't play obsidian well fake little RP scene hehehehehee............ fslkdlskdlsdklskdlskdlskdlskd. HUGS MERIEL AND OBSIDIAN DKSJDKJSKDJKSJD

SO CUTE TOGETHER this might be a cannon scene some where hides painting in bag. MINE

Dont blame it all on me DRAGONAPPPPPPPPPPPP :icondragonap: feleess
Shiva's  Mana Form by DEAFHPN
Shiva's Mana Form
Stock used…

Animal Form:…

I haven't even used her yet and I've fallen in love, I think I've drawn her a gazelion times already fskdjksjdksjd  
Name: Shiva
Gender: Female
Personality: Enduring, distant, can be somewhat maliceous in nature, isn't the most friendly. She tends to work alone and is the outside out of the group.
She wants to explore the mountains one day.
Back Ground: NPC Hero Dead, and her Mother VOlucris.

Attack: 105
Wisdom: 100
Luck: 110
Speed: 100


Night vision: Can see very well at night. (Natural Ability)

Scorpion Strike: Uses scorpion-like tail to inject an enemy with a powerful toxin, paralyzing it for a turn and doing 10 damage.

Magic Burst: Uses innate magic power to shoot a ball of magic at an opponent, doing 5-15 damage depending on age.
Powers: He can jump very high like fly speed at all times. This is his natural ability.

Light Ray- He can shoot a blast of light during the day his power can do 10-25 damage at night only 10 damage. 

Cosmic Fire " She lets out a dark blue stary blast like fire," and can freeze an enemy.

"Cosmic Claw," Claws with gold and stary claw that dose random damage.

"Heal Glow," Can heal 10-15 hp can be used once per battle. 

Heavens Storm: A violent blast of water from a storm clouds; power varies with the weather. 

Sacred Barrier- A golden barrier floats around him this also helps with crash landings.

"Spike Shooter." Shoots toxic spikes that may poison and paraylze an enemy can do 10-15 damage if one gets stuck they can become infected. Can be used once a roleplay takes time to regrow them.
Furmongral PSD Lines by DEAFHPN
Furmongral PSD Lines
These creatures show dominance by pinning each other down and wrestling with one another, they are sleak like cat like creatures, with a bob like tail, they are found through out Ifica and in the jungle area and occasionally show up in the desert. Communicate only with eachother (Usually)  they are very seclusive an usually lives in groups of 12-10. Males attract females with their brightly colored fins also used to intimidate other males.

They grow feathers along arms during the breeding seasons. These where once considered unintelligent creatures, so quest monsters and are often mistaken as such. </b> 

Name: Furmongral
Diet: Meat, fruit, vegetables, 
Appearance: Sleak, bulky, stocky cat like creatures, intimidating

Hp: 100/100


"Bite," Bites down on an enemy dose random damage

"Feathered Farrow," intimidates a foe by either scaring them or paralyzing them with fear, "Feather Flash," flashes feathered wings to create a gust of wind if attack is higher then 25 this attack dose 20-50 damage. "Gale winds," can control the winds using them in RPG ways to levitate objects based on level and skill.

"Furmongral Claw," Claw's with deadly claws that do 10-15 damage but has a risk of bleeding and infections. 

"Lanterns light," can light up a path way with tails if stuck in dungeons. Obviously you need the long tail to use.

"Run Away" If an enemy bites his/her tail he can release it and swim away to freedom it takes two or three days to regrow his tail again. 
(Natural Ability)
NPC Kyros
Boy was her idenity figured out a lot faster then I planned x3, Dragonap you picked the right choice hehe  

Tetro lead the guard into a tent, standing their alone in the middle of it? Theirs a desk, piles of books, a map, lots of comfy looking cusions, not to mention a food cabinet and a bed. Some swords, various items.

Glancing around carefully Tetro dose not spot you thanks to the shelf blocking his view of you. Standing their for a moment his images shimmer's and shutter's revealing a crimson red and blue Gillgin instead.

"Uggh," he wait, his voice turned more feminine. "That's better." she rumaged through a bag and took a bite to eat. "Just my luck," the gillgin transformed this time her body grew more up right as she took the form of a Nympfus.

The colors are red and blue like hyros, other then the fact this NPC, (Aroura) is obviously pretending to be the hero Hyros. Her image changed transforming into a more male like one.

"Mirage Cloud," she shouted softly as her voice became more masculine as she turned around making her way back.

Name: Aroura (Modern time) (Hyros/ Kyros) Tetro (her birth name)
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Personality: Charmatic
A Leader
Kind (in his own mind) to those he deep worthy
Want's to protect Ifica

Helps those in need
Dose not care about status
Wants people to prove themselves in battle

One day she appear off shore, with no memory, Zayfire met her and took care of her not remembering that she came from the same time he did, since he didn't remember that the fact both of them time traveled. When NPC aroura 'died' in modern time she was really sent back to her time land. A child of Morgana killed her.  Break.

The Doctor has breed her and Katsu children, and the two have had litter's before, Katsu and her had feeling's for one another but before they could talk about said feeling's she was killed. He often blamed himself for her death. Aroura pretended to be male, using her brother's to pass the physical exams so she can serve the king. In reality she is actually Hryos taking up the name so that she could protect the word, but also in another way all of her sibling's acted as Hyros using the name so that they could aid the Kingdom.

However because of her brother's betrayl, she abandoned the name completely deciding to rebuild her self as Aroura and not Hyros. And then she took up the name Kyros, in memory of her name. And served Ifica as best as she could. Aroura has saved and fought along side of many heroe's including the battle of Raviana.

She risked more then being caught it is punishbale by death to steal a knight's idenity which is what she did . She risks being found out and killed. However because of her dedication the King allowed females into the military however she refused to go back to the heroe's guild after learning what they did to Genesis. At least not until modern times. She died soon after Zayfire. It is not known where her future self is.  She named herself after Kyros's the knight that saved her life despite not being from Ifica.

OTHER Gillgin FORM:Setoffour1


NPC Hyros  NPC Raikin


Pup 1
Pup 2
Pup 3
Pup 4
Aroura Pup 2 BOUGHT
Aroura Pup 1 TAKEN


"Fists of the King," Lets loose an elemental attack (Your choice) that dose 10-15 damage. 
"Kick of Valor," Kicks with a hard kick that dose 10-15 damage less if enemy defense is higher. 
Armor of Valor" Protective armor that cuts damage in half," once a battle. Reduces fire damage by half.

"Shield of The King," he can summon a giant shield that protects and some times reflects damages. The shield is made out of magic.

"Summoning Tool, " He can summon his allies to fight for him.

"Mirage Cloud," can make people see, and hear her as she want's them to. This is a move she invented herself.

"Razor slash," Slashes with a crimson razor that grows out of his skin he burns and cuts.

"Legendary Wrath." Lets loose a two tone attack fire and lightening at an enemy it may burn slow down or paraylze and enemy he can use this attack in quick recession.

"Sword of the King!" Summons a legendary blue and red sword that can do fatal damage depending on how he uses it. 

"Hyros Blast," lets loose a terrible blast that fire and water damage. Damage is around 20-55 damage.

Super Strength, Can move big items like bolders, and carry stuff easier.

"Aurora Shock." Sends a blast of physic energy that dose, 15-20 damage

"Water Bash." Dose 15-20 damage 

"Run Away" If an enemy bites his tail he can release it and swim away to freedom it takes two or three days to regrow his tail again. (Natural Ablitiy) In gillgin form

Cape of Hyros- A heros cape with the symbol of Ifica

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